Saturday, September 10, 2011

Making my own External drive - Part 2

As I had mentioned earlier, I was waiting for my external case it to arrive. It arrived today, which means that the only thing left is the hard drive itself.
The case is Welland's ME-745J which I bought due to its eSATA and USB compatibility. It is available on

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saeed Ajmal - Saqlain part 2?

Saeed Ajmal is Pakistan's new "premier" spinner. And who does he resemble? Pakistan's previous premier spinner; Saqlain Mushtaq. Where is Saqlain these days? Coaching in England!
Saqlain was an expert spin bowler and he was the inventor of the dusra (the second one), a delivery which spun like a leg spinning delivery rather than an off spinning one. Ironically, it was the dusra which led to Saqlain's downfall. He had started over using it.
So how is all this related to Saeed Ajmal? Well, other than the physical similarity in their actions, Ajmal is also over using his Dusra these days. Rameez Raja almost started crying when Ajmal used the Dusra for the umpteenth time in the test against Zimbabwe. Saeed should take it easy and use the dusra for the purpose for what it was invented - the surprise ball.