Sunday, September 22, 2013

PTCL comes to Phase 5

PTCL has finally decided to lay fibre optics cable in DHA Phase 5 after almost a four-year standoff. Exclusive rights for broadband were awarded to Wateen telecom since 2008 which led to PTCL's absence from the area.
After an anti-trust court case in 2010, DHA has finally yielded and allowed PTCL to enter the precinct.

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Quagmire called Zimbabwe Cricket

It seems Zimbabwe Cricket is destined to be continuously involved in scandals. Starting in 2003, we saw Andy Flower and Henry Olongo mourning the death of Democracy. Reports of racism within the team started doing rounds in the media, although the committee set up by the ICC did not find any truth in them.
More recently, Zimbabwe players have gone up in arms over their match fee. Zimbabwe Cricket is in dire straits, which was evident from their preference for shifting the second test to Harare from Bulawayo. Cricketers wanted to boycott the first test but some last minute diplomacy made sure that the team went out to play, sans Sean Williams who didn't want to set foot in the ground without getting paid first.
Despite their financial troubles, Zimbabwe have shown great spirit in both test matches, something that had been missing during their previous outings. It is high time ICC takes some action and either directly pays the players or sets up an independent unit under a respectable individual, say Heath Streak, who would route the payment from the Council to the players. If the practice of putting faith in ZC to pay the players continues, we might keep seeing more instances vis a vis Kyle Jarvis.