Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Did we learn anything from 8 October, 2005?

We all remember October 8, 2005. Nine years ago, a massive earthquake measuring .... On the richter scale razed buildings in north Pakistan, causing .... Casualties. A natural disaster of this magnitude could not be predicted. But could the number of casulaties be lowered if God forbid such a calamity was to hit Pakistan again?
After the earthquake there was talk during circuitous transmissions on TV of preventive measures. Have we done enough during the last nine years?
I distinctly remember drills being conducted in my school (among other places) in the aftermath of the earthquake. But as time passed such exercises were not repeated.
There was also talk of building design inspection and approval of buildings, but even at that time I was skeptical of this practice bring adopted, let alone it bring implemented in letter and spirit in the long run.
So nine years after disaster struck, we are as unprepared as we were in 2005.