Saturday, September 16, 2017

Getting protector clearance in Pakistan

Anybody willing to work outside Pakistan (specially the UAE), will need the Protector guarantee / clearance from the Pakistani government otherwise he / she cannot board a flight on employment visa. How to get it?

My friend Ahmed Muneeb did explain the process is a simple worded blogpost. However, the process has changed somewhat in the subsequent years.

If you are in Lahore, here's how to get the clearance:

  • Documents required
    • You need to create 3 sets of photocopies of the following: 
      • Work visa
      • Your CNIC
      • Your NICOP - if you dont have it, get it made from NADRA. NADRA will convert your existing CNIC into NICOP.
        • Token number for NICOP can be used for getting protectorate clearance
        • You CNIC will be deposited during NICOP process - make sure you make photo copies in advance
      • Passport - You will need your original passport at the office
      • CNIC copy of your nominated next of kin - any blood relation - this can be your father's, mother's, brother's, etc.
    • 1 passport sized photo
    • 1 pen
    • Employment contract (not required but just in case)
    • PKR 6500 + change
  • Go to the Protectorate of immigrant office preferably at 9 AM (They have 7 offices in Pakistan.In Lahore - Model Town 117 G)
  • Enter and give your passport along with 1 set of photocopies (mentioned above) to the guy in the glass counter. He will take your passport and ask you to sit in the briefing room.
  • After 30 minutes you'll be given back your passport, along with some other forms
  • You have to deposit:
    • PKR 2000 for Insurance - this is done at a counter in the same building 
    • PKR 2000 for Worker Welfare Fund (OPF) - at HBL branch in C block Model town
    • PKR 2500 as registration fee - at National Bank in C Block Model Town
  • Once done, go back and submit your passport along with the deposit evidence and the forms provided. 
  • Return around 3pm to collect passport with the protector's stamp

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